Monday, July 28, 2014

Well, July 27, 1978 was the beginning of our little family...............
Adam was born after a rather hard fact the doctor and nurses had to use forceps to
retrieve him from my body.............
boy, were we happy to have our first child...A boy and all the fingers and toes accounted for..
He was very healthy weighing in at 8.8 pounds... I loved him them and do so much more  today for the good man he has become and the good father he is...

I just love this picture of Adam and Quincy!!!   so innocent I thought they were!!

I know he takes care of his wife and kids. 
Thanks Adam for being a good, no, great person!!
So Happy Birthday on Sunday July 27 2014!
I hope you day is and was grand for every year you have been in our family.
Love you!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Well...... after that last post, we have found out a bit more.
And that is...a BOY!!!  We are excited for either boy or girl, as longs as the baby comes out healthy and happy.  Next is trying to figure out names that will fit.  We have it narrowed down to a few, but we won't say just yet.  Wouldn't want anyone stealing the name for someone or something else.  We will keep you posted on how the love of my life, Kristie, is doing and how the baby is as we hear more news.

The kids are really excited.  Almost every day Koufax will ask when the baby will come.  Waiting for several months is a new concept for a little kid.  They are both doing great and are really happy to be a big brother and a big sister again for Reagan.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Well, I guess we have all gotten one of these in the mail by now.

I am so excited for Kurt and his entire family..
How fun for Kurt to be a daddy again.
How not fun at all for Kristie to be so sorry Kristie, I wish preganancy was easier on you!
How excited for Reagan to be a big sister again.......Reagan what are you wishing for a sister or brother?
How excited for Koufax not to be the youngest anymore.  I bet he is tickled about the thought.
I wonder which he wants a little brother or a little sister.

Well no matter how you look at it , it is a blessing and we as grandparents are so excited to have
#21  grandchild join our family.

I also must say what a clever way to announce your family is growing.
Paul and I laughed and laughed.................
A cute and creative photo Kristie!

We can't wait to hear which gender the baby will be.

(maybe we should start a contest of the gender and the weight and date of birth......)
ANY TAKERS..........................

So the very last part of June was the annual Rindlisbacher Reunion at the Spanish Fork Pool and this year instead of the mad dash to get in line for food each family was to bring their own picnic.
I must say it was alot easier on Uncle Jay and Maureen and the men....(Usually Paul and Lynn)
who got to cook the meat only to run out of it...

Boy when you say strike a pose to Adam and his kids............THEY STRIKE A POSE!!
Of course this is L to R  AJ  Adam, Melia and Aaron...

We were happy to see Quincy and Jamie there too.  I think Kendyll and Keaton had a blast playing with their cousins in the pool.

Nia, Kale, Raiden, Ender, Judge, Hallie and (unhappy) Jenner, were all excited to be able to attend the swimming party and visit with relatives while they were here this summer from Alaska.
The suprises and tense moments were when Jenner decided he had to pee and found a corner of the
park to do his business..........grandma noticed first and we all joined in laughter that he got it done........just wish he would of asked "where is the bathroom..."
Nia decided to break out of the joint and went through the gate (which was locked of course) back into the swimming pool area....grandma was the first to notice this and she just about had a heart attack before Kale went to get her............Kale....could you have run and saved us all a few gray hairs!!
He managed to talk her back to the gate but not before she got to the diving pool areas edge....
once again...........near heart attack!!

I did not get all pictures of all families.....sorry Loni..........but I did get Bentley having a nice little nap on her moms shoulder while we were eating.

It was fun to have most of the kids there.
we sure missed Kurt and Kristie and Reagan and Koufax
Justin and Kassidy and little Tinley..

hope you can all make it next year............

Hey all!

Just wanted to make sure to wish Melia a very happy birthday!  I know I am late, but hey I was traveling...

Also we wanted to wish Kurt and Kristie (I got mine in the mail today!) good luck and congratulations! I wont say anything else in case you don't know yet....

Thursday, July 17, 2014

My little Miss Melia celebrates her 5th birthday today.(7-17-09)  I know she is going to have fun at her birthday party because I saw the invite.  I know it will be because her mom comes up with the best ideas and themes. 
I think this is one of my favorite pictures of Melia.  I love the group setting of pictures on
Adam and Misty's family room wall of the kiddos.  Melia is growing up way, way too fast..

See...My little toddler is a  little girlie girl now.  But from some other pictures I can tell she
is going to be good at Baseball.... a little natural at that sport...


Friday, June 20, 2014

JUNE 1, 2012
I hope this is the only mistake I make during the month of June.
Please forgive me Justin and Kassidy for not posting on the family
blog a very important and special day for you.  It has been 2 years
since we have been lucky enough to have Kassidy join the Rindlisbacher Family.
What a Blessing you are Kassidy and you compliment Justin very nicely.
In those two short years Justin and Kassidy have been  blessed with a darling
daughter....Tinley Ann.  What a sweetheart.  We love you Tinley!
And of course Tinley has taken up some of grandma Lona's hobbies like
tangling her yarn to make dish cloths.  Little Stinker!!
And what girl doesn't like to go shopping...Even with Daddy.
Good job Justin to help out while Kassidy is at work..
They share the responsibility of being the entertainer to this little one while
the other goes to work.  You are lucky that your schedules work out that way.

Once again I hope with all my heart that your second anniversary was a special,
fun time and may you have many more through out all the Eternities!!
Love you both!!