Thursday, October 2, 2014

SSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  I am hoping for forgiveness in posting this late.
September 16, 1982 the Bricky family was blessed with their first she is my daughter in law.  Misty Dawn Bricky Rindlisbacher.

Kinda hard to believe that the first pictures is Misty but as you can see in this next one....yup its her!!
still looks like her today in fact!!

We are so happy to have Misty in the Rindlisbacher family and she is a good match for Adam.

After much prayer and fasting they were blessed with two little (well one little and one big) munchkins
We are all so glad that the Lord answers Prayers!

And then they were blessed with the caboose (for now maybe) Melia.  Now their family is complete!

Misty sure knows how to dress up for a party......(in the center and in black)

And she sure knows how to meet the most interesting people..............of course!

So I guess what I'm getting at is that I want to wish Misty a happy birthday and hope she has many more, and just say.............YOU'VE COME A LONG WAY BABY!!!  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

If I was a baker and I was a really good baker...I would make this cake for Reagan for her
8th Birthday.  She celebrated this big day on Sat. the 30 of August 2014.
This cake is as pretty as she is!  Happy Birthday Reagan.  Us Rindys love you tons!!

Isn't it fun to see how much she (and Koufax of course) have grown.  AND I think they are getting
to be quite the experts at Disneyland too!

It"s so fun to see Reagan and Koufax with some Rindy cousins.  I heard from the grape vine that they had a blast in southern Utah!

I bet Kurt, Koufax and Reagan had a fun day with the Adam Rindy family.  This is what memories are made of....

Let the fun times roll.  A fun time happening with Mom Kristie and Reagan..

So here is our birthday girl Reagan Kathleen Rindlisbacher.  I know this isn't a real current photo and and special one.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL...WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH...

Friday, August 22, 2014

Koufax turned the big "5" on August 22, 2014.
I know this is not the happiest of pictures but it still just shows us all how cute of a baby he was.
We all know where he got his name from and it fits him so perfectly.  "You little slugger!"

Who says he can't be a big tease!  The blondest of hair...what a heart-breaker he is going to be when he grows up!!

what a good,  protective father Kurt is to his little boy.  Koufax must have had a very exciting day!!

tipsy turvy this has to be a favorite picture of mine.  what a cutie!!

We are so glad to have these two precious youngsters in our family.  All the cousins in the rindy
family miss them!  How fun though when trips are made down to southern Utah and we get at the caves! 


Thursday, August 14, 2014

He was born on 8-13-09
I can remember that he was such a little baby..........
He sure has grown...
I am sure that Kendyll is glad she has a little brother and Quincy has a little guy to take fishing and hunting..
Just think these little feet will be following Quincy someday when he goes out to hunt or fish or work in the yard..well maybe not work in the yard if Keaton has his say.....

As Keaton get bigger and bigger he loves to be active..

See?  A day out with dad at Utah lake or Salem pond can be a great success!
I wonder how many of these Keaton caught?

Keaton has learned many things at pre-school and is starting his next chapter on School.
Congratulations on graduating from Pre-School Keaton!!

So it is time to wish Keaton many, many more birthdays to come because he is just beginning to
have the adventures of his life.  Keaton, be a super hero to your friends and family.

Well, well, well,,,,,,,,August 10, 1979 we welcomed this little tyke into our home.
I can remember he was born just over a year from when Adam was born and I had
forgot all about labor until I started "in labor" with him and my mind was flooded with
fear and not antisipation...Needless to say I asked for the good ol epidural and they told
me it was "too late".  panic and fear again........I promised myself if I had any more
children that I would ask way in advance.......I WANT THAT EPIDURAL!  KAPEESH?

He was born on Granpa Reed Rindlisbacher's birthday and I am sure that has a special place
in his heart knowing he and grandpa share a special day!

As far back as I can remember Quincy has always been the quiet whether or not he was or is not for me to know or decide but he was a very good, easy going child and I hope he knows he was always loved..........(even if his older bro. I am sure picked on and teased him)

I think Quincy has always had a love for hunting and he and the other boys got that
directly from the Rindy side of the family.  Not a bad trait either if you ask me.
I am sure he is so proud of the moose he has in his home and I appreciate the fact
that Jamie likes it too!
I am so grateful that Quincy was able to find a good companion and take her to the temple to be married for time and all eternity......for familys can be together forever....
They have a wonderful family and 3 special little ones waiting to see them and all of us again
some day. 
Quincy and his family are so good to support family activities when able to.  Thanks so much!
Uncle Jays we call the SF pool,  is a tradition for us all now...

So after all this I just want to wish Quincy the best of birthdays for the year 2014
He (and all my children) has done very well in his life so far and I am grateful for
him as a son and his family for being "just who they are"
Happy Birthday to you Quincy.
Love you

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Congrats to All!

I haven't been a great blogger lately...but figured I should take a moment.

Congrats are in order to several of you...

Justin...congrats and good luck on the nice new bigger home!  So excited you have space to grow into!

Loni...congrats and a lot of good luck with your family!  We hope all goes smooth and quickly for you guys!

Kristie...congrats on getting your Master's!  That is quite a feat!  Also congrats on becoming a new mom!

Kurt congrats to you on becoming a new dad!

Everyone else gets a congrats on making it through the summer!  Heaven knows it took some doing!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ok, Ok,  don't look at the momma look at the darling baby boy...Kurt Paul Rindlisbacher
born August 5, 1982....We thought of Kurtis...Kurtland.........and decided on Kurt and the perfect middle name after his father  Paul...
He was really sick when he was a baby and had to be admitted to the hospital for Malabsorption..a intolerance to his formula and so we had to give him Pregestimil..........back then it was very expensive and luckily Paul knew someone at the hospital and they were able to get it for fact we got the sample packages and it didn't cost anything..what a blessing that was to have the special formula for his needs.  This is his blessing suit..
Well, you can see he got over the intolerance.......he was a very happy baby.......

He loved to go to the farm and he loved the tractors......I guess that is why he was in FFA in high school.
He learned alot of good things in that class.  What a cute kid!!

Ok,  say it............Momma sewed a lot of things for the kids and she just happened to make matching shirts..................What a cute bunch of kiddos!!  Left to right...Kurt, Hallie, Quincy..Adam in back..

And now his present family plus one on the way..a little boy...perhaps a Dodger...